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2019/20 SEASON

Avenue Q directed by Patrick Burke

5 Shows Only!

August 29 - September 1, 2019

Thursday - Saturday @ 7pm

Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm -- NOTE: Both Matinee times are 3pm for this production.


Tickets online: $20/$18/$10 

Tickets at the door $22 No discounts

This refreshing musical addresses and satirizes the anxieties associated with entering adulthood. Its characters lament that as children, they were assured by their parents,  and by Sesame Street, that they were “extraordinary” and “could do anything;” but as adults, they have discovered to their surprise that in the real world their options are limited, and they are actually ordinary like everyone else. Avenue Q is notable for the use of puppets, animated by unconcealed puppeteers.

Rating - PG 13

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

September 26 - October 6, 2019

Thursday - Saturday @ 7pm

Sunday @ 4pm - Q&A's with cast and crew after Sunday Matinees


Tickets Online  $20/$18/$10 - High School Students Free

Tickets at the door $22 - No discounts

This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, as state agency. Learn more at

Amanda Wingfield is a faded remnant of Southern gentility who now lives in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura, who has a physical handicap and debilitating shyness. The father has left home; Tom supports his mother and sister with a shoe-factory job he finds unbearable. When Amanda convinces Tom to bring home from his workplace a “gentleman caller” for Laura, the illusions that Tom, Amanda, and Laura have each created in order to make life bearable collapse about them.

A drama of great tenderness, charm, and beauty, THE GLASS MENAGERIE is an icon of the American theater.

Rating - PG 13

MLFF Mid Season Screenings

Tickets online: $12/$15

Tickets at the door $17 No discounts


October 19, 2019

Saturday @ 7pm

The story of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, who became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.

David Crosby: Remember My Name

October 27, 2019

Sunday @ 4pm

With unflinching honesty, self-examination, regret, fear, exuberance and an unshakable belief in family and the transformative nature of music, singer-songwriter David Crosby shares his often challenging journey.

Jungel book thumbnail.png
Theatre for Young Audience Production:
The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling, author Greg Banks, playwright

November 2, 2019

Saturday @ 4pm 


Tickets online: $10/15 

Tickets at the door $15 No discounts

This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, as state agency. Learn more at

Mowgli is rambunctious and curious, scrappy and silly. Sound like a kid you know? This new adaptation of the beloved Rudyard Kipling story finds a child lost in the Indian jungle, where he is adopted by Baloo the Bear, Bagheera the panther, and all the beasts who call the mysterious wilderness home. This fast-paced retelling keeps you perched on the edge of your seat as young Mowgli comes face-to-face with sneaky monkeys, noisy vultures and his mortal enemy: the tiger, Shere Khan.

“The Jungle Book rocks!” -City Pages

“A sense of tense adventure colors Bank’s engaging ‘Jungle'” – Star Tribune

Poetry Out Loud

November 15, 2019

Friday @ 7pm   

Admission: Free

This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Learn more at

Also made possible in part by the Mono Arts Council.


This high school poetry recitation competition where students compete for the Mono County Title is in its tenth year. Come support the Mono County students!


Rating - Family Friendly

Scrooge_ A Christmas Carol_Mammoth Lakes
Adapted and Performed by Gus Krieger Directed by Drina Durazo

December 20 - December 29, 2019

Friday & Saturday @ 7pm

Sunday @ 4pm -

Tickets online: $20/$18/$10 

Tickets at the door $22 No discounts

A Christmas Carol
The One-Man Play

One actor plays all the roles of this holiday classic. Fun for the entire family. Come and bring in the holiday season with cheer by coming to this Christmas Classic.

Rating - Family Friendly

A Night of Broadway 

Spend an evening with some of the best Broadway tunes in history. Songs from some of your favorite shows to wet your pallet for big musicals to come when we build the Performance Arts Center in the near future.

Jan. 17, 18, & 19, 2020 

Friday & Saturday @ 7pm

Sunday @ 4pm 

Tickets online: $20/$18/$10 

Tickets at the door: $22 No discounts

VIP pre-show cocktail hour:

Tickets $35 - starts at 6pm on Fri & Sat only. Come and join the actors at an appetizers and wine cocktail party - price also includes reserved seating.

Rating - Family Friendly

Sylvia by A.R. Gurney

February 6 - 23, 2020

Thursday – Saturday @ 7pm / Sunday @ 4pm 


Tickets online: $20/$18/$10 

Tickets at the door $22 No discounts


A modern romantic comedy about a marriage and a dog.

"Dramatic literature is stuffed with memorable love scenes, but none is as immediately delicious and dizzy as the one that begins the redeeming affair in A.R. Gurney's new comedy, SYLVIA…" —NY Times.

"I can only call it one of the most involving, beautiful, funny, touching and profound plays I have ever seen…" —NY Daily News.

"Gurney's mad comedy is the most endearing good time to trot down the pike in many a moon. Howlingly funny…" —BackStage.

Rating - PG-13

Tahoe Adventure Film Festival


2 shows!

March 7, 2020

Saturday @ 5pm & 7:30pm


Admission: $12 online

Tickets at the door $15 No discounts


This touring festival of the most extreme outdoor adventure footage you will ever see returns for its seventh year. Promoter Todd Offenbacher will emcee the evening of this high octane footage.

"the next best thing to doing it!"


Rating - Family Friendly

simone pic.jpg
March Magic! Returns - Suspicious Minds with Simone Turkington 

March 14 & 15, 2020

Saturday @ 7pm / Sunday @ 4pm

Tickets online: $10/15/$17 

Tickets at the door $20 No discounts

March Magic returns for 2 nights only with this Mistress of Magic and Illusion. Straight from the Magic Castle to Mammoth Lakes.

Simone Turkington is a long time devotee to classy vintage styles and brings the sights and sounds of the 60s to her magic, not often seen (unless you watch a lot of videos of magic from the 60s). A mix of visual, card, and mentalism effects make up her repertoire.

Rating PG-13

Thumbnaill_the women.jpg
The Women  by Claire Boothe Luce

March 26 - April 5, 2020

Thursday -  Saturday @ 7pm / Sunday @ 4pm 

Tickets online: $20/$18/$10 

Tickets at the door $22 No discounts

High Society Catfights!


Scandalous Affairs!




A Trip To Reno, and More!


These women can't be stopped. Come see the ORIGINAL "Real Housewives of NYC" at the Edison Theatre!

This brilliant play has assumed the status of a modern classic. Aside from the novelty of its involving a large cast of women (no male characters at all) it is an immensely entertaining panorama of our modern metropolitan world from the feminine viewpoint.

Rating - PG - 13

Mammoth Lakes Film Festival


May 20 - 24, 2020


Tickets go on sale March 2020


The 6th annual Mammoth Lakes Film Festival is committed to screening new independent films by inspired and innovative filmmakers! 

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