April. 26 & 28, 2021 Mon. & Wed. at 6-8pm

The Community Center 1000 Forest Trail

Taming of the Shrew Auditions

Looking for

All Ages

All Genders

All Ethnicities

Note: being physically fit and capable of doing some physical moves like cartwheels, tumbling and stage fighting is a plus.

Note: "Pants Role" - a male part played by a woman dressed as a man in drag.

For the scenes you will be auditioning with click Audition Sides

Petruchio: (M), 28-45

the tamer; a man in mourning due to the recent loss of his father; a streak of self-destructiveness; strong and obstinate with a wicked sense of humor; intelligent with a keen wit, he rarely shows his sensitive side; must be a strong, sensitive and physical actor with strong comedic and hand-to-hand combat skills.


Grumio: (M), 20-50

Petruchio's much-abused servant; can seem obtuse but is quite savvy in his way; a wise-cracking curmudgeon and a bit of an Eeyore; must be a strong comic and physical actor. Will be required to do some physical comedy


Lucentio: (M), 20-35

suitor to Bianca; disguises himself as a tutor to win her affections; handsome, earnest, over-passionate, incredibly romantic, lover; a bit immature yet fancies himself an esthete and Casanova; slightly delusional and self-centered, not as bright as his servant Tranio.


Tranio: (M), 20-35

smart and savvy servant to Lucentio; disguises himself as his master, Lucentio; enjoys food, drink and having a good time; good physical comedian.

Vincentio: (M/F): Male, 50-65: upper class merchant and father or mother to Lucentio;

Baptista: (M), Over 60

successful merchant and widowed father to Katherina and Bianca; hard-edged and business-minded; affectionate (in his way) with Bianca, cold with Katherina.


Bianca: (F), 25-35

daughter to Baptista, the seemingly perfect child; beautiful and a tease who knows her own power and is not afraid to use it. She deceives everyone to thinking she is the innocent victim


Hortensio: (M), 25-50

friend of Petruchio and suitor to Bianca; disguises himself as a music teacher to get close to her; handsome, honest and reliable if a bit of a foolhardy lover. Requires committing to be silly.


Gremio: (M), 55-75: a pantaloon; rich and ancient suitor to Bianca;

Merchant:  (M/F) 50 or older : a Bit of a mess, fears for his life and pretends to be Lucentio's father or mother.

Tailor: (M or a pants role): 20-50 needs to be Male but can be a women in Drag - Tailor: proud and flamboyant artisan; actor must be capable of high-class snobbery as well as low-status groveling. Nervous and excited, easily crushed; agile and open to doing some physical comedy fight scenes.


Biondello: (M/F), 20-35: young servant to Lucentio, not too bright


Widow: (F) hard-edged, wealthy, does not suffer fools, marries Hortensio


Smaller parts as ensemble

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