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Home of Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre

MISSION STATEMENT:  The purpose of Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre is to develop, maintain and nurture live theatre in the Mono/Inyo County area by providing a creative space to produce live theatre of the highest caliber, equal to any theatre in the state, and inspiring the arts while making a vital contribution to the community's economy, culture and spirit.

VISION STATEMENT: To produce live theatre that mirrors human nature with the intent to be insightful and enlighten the future by creating a theatre experience that not only engages but also educates, inspires, entertains, and provokes thought.


"With our professional quality theatre and our dedication to our area’s youth, we are committed to the development and nurturing of a viable and vital Theatre company that both enhances and contributes to the community.  Our theatre donors and patrons are the true architects of what we intend to be a long-lasting resource. By becoming a patron you will give a tribute to your family or business while simultaneously serving the community."


Artistic Director, Shira Dubrovner

After working as a freelance editor, Dubrovner returned from a 17-year absence to Mammoth Lakes. During her hiatus from the Eastern Sierra, she attended film school where her short film Muriel won the CINE Eagle Award and played in numerous film festivals.  She went on to produce the 2001 Sundance Film Festival promo spots and worked in the art department on many films and on the TV show ANGEL.

Joining the well-respected Group Repertory Theatre as one of their directors, her production of Tom Topor's NUTS earned her three ADA nominations, including Best Director. Other favorite directing stints while with the GRT include SYLVIA and VERONICA’S ROOM . She also received many critical accolades for directing Arthur Miller's BROKEN GLASS starring Robert Picardo from STAR TREK VOYAGER at the Victory Theatre.

Now that she has moved back to Mammoth, she is dedicated to bringing live theatre and all other forms of art to the Eastern Sierra. On her return she began her season with "A Night of Art", an evening that included a staged reading of A HOTEL ON MARVIN GARDENS starring Donna Mills (KNOTS LANDING), Robert Picardo (STAR TREK VOYAGER), and Sam Anderson (LOST) followed by an eclectic art show of local artists. She continued her season directing Shakespeare's AS YOU LIKE IT as a co-production with the Sierra Classic Theatre, followed by directing the hugely successful production of DRACULA. She continued with 11 more productions during her two-year tenure as Artistic Director of the Mammoth Lakes Arts Center before joining forces with the Mammoth Lakes Foundation. Dubrovner also brings with her a loyal group of volunteers and support staff to her new endeavor, all of whom are dedicated to bringing an entertaining and inspirational future to Mammoth Lakes.


Technical Director, Tim Casey

Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre

Artistic Council Committee

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Noelle Deinken

Cathy Foye

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